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Welcome in our international health shop

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This shop is designed for our EU-Customers.

We are glad that you chose to visit our Shop.
If you want to live longer, and stay healthy longer, you have come to the right placehere at our store, everything is about becoming and staying healthy. We hope very much that you have already received an overview of the products present in the market. We are specialised in frequency therapy, water refinement, pain therapy, biolights and much more.

We try to stand apart from our competitors by offering you a broad range of zappers, for example. We have seen sad things concerning this market. A simple Clark or Beck  Zapper  for over 200 Euros is simply USURY! Unfortunately, some people think a lot of money can be earned with the health of others and, unfortunately, there are some examples that it is possible.
People who suffe from diseases that proof to be difficult to treat are ready to give their last belongings for the chance of cure. But we assure you, our prices are reasonable, our prices are the most you should pay for a product. It doesn't make any sense to pay more for a Zapper, that does the same with the same results! Our zappers are "Made in Germany" and no penny stock from Far East.

Of course, we do not only offer zappers. We offer a wide variety of goods and we would like to introduce them to you.
Besides famous range of frequency therapy units from Dr. Clark, we also offer those blood electrification units that claim to be more powerful than any frequency therapy ever could.
Our Products are from Dr. Beck, who was a leading personality in the field of in vivo blood electrification. We offer all 4 products demanded by the "Beck protocol"  for treatment.
Besides our Zappers from Dr. Beck we offer superior colloidal silver generators. We offer two kinds, inexpensive easy ones and sophisticated ones. Therefore, we are proud to be able to present to you the SilverMaster XL, which works not only with DC but also with AC Voltage to make the CS even better. We designed the unit to work with a 2,3 Hz squared wave voltage, and its silver output is just fantastic.

Of course, CS Generators and Zappers are also sold separately. But, if you already own a colloidal silver generator, go ahead and shop for high quality, low price silver replacement electrodes at our shop.
We know, buying silver electrodes is a matter of trust. To support your trust in us, we include a copy of the manufacturers bill to us in the shipment, stating clearly that the silver replacement electrodes we sell to you are of superior quality.

To assist you even more in the quest of living the most possible healthy lifestyle, we decided to offer you a superior ozone generator, specifically designed to meet Dr. Becks and Dr. Clarks demands. Therefore, ozone output is about 200-300mg/hr. It uses surrounding air, which makes it easy to maintain and operate. You can use it to ozonise your water or your olive oil. Our units are very durable and ship with all necessary accessories.

If your surrounding air is not as clean as it should be, if you do not live close to a forest, or the woods, try our PowerFresh Ion Generator. This handy unit is capable of CLEANING your air, and DISINFECTING it at the same time. It can severely improve the breathing conditions for people suffering from resperatory deseases like asthma. It will also eliminate odors. Just give it a try.

Finally, a line of products that we are especially happy to be able to sell to you: Our high quality TENS units. We offer standard as well as highly sophisticated TENS units, with in-built computers that know the optimal way to treat your pain, without asking you to experiment with the treatment. Just select the painful area on the large display and the unit will know what to do next. More than that, our famous 19T will also not just reduce the pain but fight the cause of it with NMS, so called neuromuscular stimulation.

Just recently, we opened a new branch of water refinment products such as Reverse Osmosis Units, tap mounted water filters, TDS meters, PH meters, revitalising filters, UV desinfecters and much more - make sure to check it out.

The products listed here are just a glimps of what we offer. Just take your time and browse our shop.
To browse our units, please select them in the upper left corner.

Thank you very much, for "shopping" by.

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Best seller
Ersatz-Gelelektroden für unsere TENS Geräte
4.20 EUR
Zapper B - Hulda Clark Zapper
only 64.95 EUR
Sticky electrodes for the Bio Wave
2.20 EUR
Ersatz-Gelelektroden für unsere TENS Geräte
7.98 EUR
Clove Capsules 500mg
11.98 EUR
Wermouth Super W Capsules 100ct
15.40 EUR
Replacement TENS Electrodes 50x90 mm
8.98 EUR
brownglas spraying bottle 100ml
only 2.99 EUR
Borate (Borax) as described by Dr. Clark
only 12.50 EUR
19T TENS device
only 134.90 EUR



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