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Sota Silver Pulser
Sota Silver Pulser

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Art.Nr.: ZBB5
234.99 EUR
incl. 19 % UST exkl. Versandkosten

Lieferzeit: 1-2 Werktage

DIESER ARTIKEL WIRD VERSANDKOSTENFREI GELIEFERT (NUR mit Hermes/GLS innerhalb Deutschlands möglich)! Bitte verwenden Sie dazu den Code "SOTA", wenn Sie das System nach einem Gutscheincode fragt!

 SOTA hat den neuen SP7 herausgebracht, der jedoch ca. 30 Euro teurer sein wird und nur minimale Änderungen erfahren hat. Wir verkaufen daher noch den SP6!



Disclaimer: These units have not been evaluated by Health Canada or the FDA for safety or effectiveness. Government regulators say that testimonials are misleading and deceptive. Also, please understand that these products are not intended to nor are they allowed to cure or treat any specific disease. Government regulators state you must consult a medical doctor for the treatment of all diseases.


What is "The Silver Pulser"?

New Model SP6 features include:

  • New streamlined unit.
  • Built-in Constant-Current Circuit for the Ionic/Colloidal Silver Output.
  • Yellow LED Light indicates when the current through the stimulator electrodes is correct and functioning.
  • Soft carrying case

Each Silver Pulser is a professionally designed quality unit, thoroughly tested on an oscilloscope, and is guaranteed to operate per the specifications. 

The Silver Pulser is a dual function unit 1) Bio-Stimulator and 2) Ionic/Colloidal Silver Generator with Constant-Current.

The Silver Pulser uses only the highest quality .9999 Pure Fine Silver Electrodes. Our Assay Certificate for Silver Wires is on file, and can be viewed by clicking HERE. Our Certificate of Compliance for Silver Wire Purity is on file, and can be viewed by clicking HERE.

The Silver Pulser generates the finest quality Ionic Colloidal Silver at a rate of 5-8 ppm (part per million) in 2 Hours for 16 ounces of distilled water, with an Ionic Colloid silver particle size that is mostly ions, with colloidal particles in the range of 0.005 - 0.015 microns (Verified on a Scanning Electron Microscope). The SP 7 Model has a built-in Constant-Current Circuit for the ultimate in Ionic/Colloidal Silver Production.

To see independent lab tested results of our Ionic Colloidal Silver as an anti-bacterial solution please click HERE.

The Silver Pulser has a Bi-Phasic output frequency of ~3.92 Hertz (cycles per second) at a nominal voltage of 31 VOLTS DC peak per cycle.

Unique Features:
  • The Bio-Electric Protocol has changed. SOTA boosted the output voltage from 27 Volts to 31 Volts (from 54 Volts Peak-Peak, to 62 Volts Peak-Peak). A new intensity control was specified to help widen the band of the output control to avoid "bunching" the signal near the high end of the control knob.

  • A unique circuit design allows The Silver Pulser to operate from a single 9 Volt alkaline battery. Original plans actually called for the use of 7 batteries in the design. Our state-of-the-art electronic design utilizes a proprietary DC-DC converter which boosts the output of the 9 Volt battery to the 31 Volts DC required by The Silver Pulser.

  • Constant-Voltage Output - Unique circuitry maintains the required 31 Volts output regardless of battery voltage or other input power (like from an AC-DC Wall Adaptor, Automobile Battery, or Solar Panel). Thus, as the battery runs down or if the input voltage fluctuates, the output will maintain the 31 Volts. No other unit using either 3 x 9 Volt batteries or voltage triplers can offer this very important feature.

  • We use only the purest, Fine Silver Wire Electrodes, 4 Nine Grade (.9999 pure) for the Ionic-Colloid Silver production.

  • Constant-Current Output - SP

  • SP6 Model has built-in Constant-Current Circuit for Ionic/Colloidal Silver production.

  • Output monitoring circuit and indicator.

  • The Bio-Stimulator Probes are of the highest quality.

  • Our Electrical Circuit Boards are GOLD Plated for extreme reliability and workmanship.

  • All electrical wire connections made with Food Grade solders and fluxes for the highest in safety and purity.

  • 3 Year Parts and Labour Warranty on all internally mounted components. Replacement Fine Silver Wire Electrodes and Probes are available.

The Silver Pulser is housed in an attractive new custom plastic enclosure with a built-in compartment for the 9 Volt battery. A slide-off lid allows you to change the battery easily. A Thumbwheel Switch Control Knob turns The Silver Pulser on and off and varies the intensity of the "Bio-Stimulator Probe" output.

A Green LED Light comes on when the Silver Pulser is turned on.

A flashing Yellow LED light on the unit indicates there is a correct Bio-Stimulator output and comes on only when current is flowing.

An Orange LED light is used for the Ionic-Colloidal Silver generation. The Orange LED Light comes on only when current through Silver Wires is correct and the circuit is complete.

A Red LED Light indicates low battery.

The Silver Pulser has one 6 pin DIN style jack for plugging in the Fine Silver Wires and for the Bio-Stimulator Probes. A second jack is used for hooking up an AC-DC Wall Adaptor so you don't have to go through batteries. NOTE: You cannot power the unit with a Wall Adaptor at the same time as using the Bio-Stimulator output. This is a government regulatory stipulation. However, a Wall Adaptor can be used for Silver production only.

We include Cotton Sleeves to put over the Bio-Stimulator Probes for helping to maintain a good connection when moistened. (Hint: Use a Salt Water solution or a conductive gel for better conductivity!)

The Silver Pulser
is packaged in a custom soft carrying case for easy storage.


The Silver Pulser is designed to the highest standards. We have improved on the design with added features. Our electronic design is unique and efficient making the unit very portable and light-weight. There's even a provision for adding an external power source to save on batteries when making Ionic/Colloidal Silver, such as an AC-DC Wall Adaptor which you can purchase from any electronic store.


  • Battery Voltage: 9 Volts DC (Alkaline Battery)
  • Optional Input Voltage: 6 - 12 Volts DC @500mA Wall Transformer/Adapter, Automobile Battery, or Solar Panel.
  • Output Voltage at Colloidal Silver Wires: 31 Volts DC, (+/- 1 Volt) Constant-Voltage Output
  • Output Current at Colloidal Silver Wires: 1.5 milliamps (+/- 0.5ma) Constant-Current Output
  • Ionic-Colloid Silver Production: 5 - 8ppm (parts per million) for 2 hours for 16 ounces distilled water.
  • Ionic-Colloid Silver Particle Size: Mostly ionic, with colloidal particles in the range of 0.005 - 0.015 microns when made as directed.
  • Ionic-Colloid Silver Colour: Clear or Pale Gold.
  • Silver Wire Life: Can make many gallons ionic/colloidal silver per set of Fine Silver Wires, when made as directed.
  • Output Voltage at Stimulator Probes: 31 Volts (Peak per Cycle, 62 Volts Peak-Peak) Bi-Phasic at ~3.92 Hertz (cycles per second) +/- 1 Hz. To see the actual output waveform from the oscilloscope, please click HERE. Note the extremely square and symmetrical waveform; free of any spikes or artifacts.
  • Output Current at Stimulator Probes: ~12 milliamps maximum when probes shorted and Control Knob on full intensity.

The Fine Silver Wires are 14 AWG (1.63mm or 0.064" dia.) x 8" long (20 cm) and are constructed of only Pure Fine (.9999 pure) Silver Wire.

Bio-Stimulator Probes are 1/8" diameter x 1.25" long (3mm diameter x 3.8 cm long).
Weight of The Silver Pulser unit is only a few ounces - very lightweight.

Each Silver Pulser comes complete with:

The Silver Pulser unit

  • Operating Instructions
  • Two (2) .9999 (4 Nine Grade) Pure Fine Silver Wire Electrodes
  • One (1) Silver Wire Holder
  • One (1) High Grade Plated Bio-Stimulator Probes
  • Two (2) Velcro®/Neoprene® Straps
  • One (1) Velcro® Arm Strap
  • One (1) Scotchbrite® scrubber pad
  • One (1) 2 oz. Dark Glass Dropper Bottle
  • Six (6) Cotton Probe Sleeves
  • One (1) 9 Volt Alkaline Battery
  • One (1) Soft Carrying Case
  • CE Certification
  • 3 Year Parts and Labour Warranty on internally mounted components


International Voltage (220 or 240 Volt Mains) Requirements:

The Silver Pulser can be operated by an external power source like an AC-DC Wall Adaptor, Automobile Battery, or Solar Panel. If you wish to power the Silver Pulser with a wall transformer, your options are:

  1. Purchase SOTA's International & Universal Wall Adaptor. Please see our Products page for details.

  2. Purchase a local Wall Adaptor with: Input 220VAC or 240VAC, 50 Hz Mains, 6-12 Volt DC output, 500mA (milli-amps) or more, Centre Positive, 2.1mm Plug.

  3. Additionally, the Silver Pulser may also be operated directly from a 12 Volt DC Battery like an automobile cigarette lighter. You will need to purchase an Adapter cord which plugs into the cigarette lighter and has a Centre Positive, 2.1mm Plug.


Options for Powering the Silver Pulser

In the event of a power outage here are some options for powering the Silver Pulser other than normally with its 9-Volt DC Alkaline Battery:

  1. The Silver Pulser may be operated directly from a 12 Volt DC Battery like from an automobile cigarette lighter. You will need to purchase an Adapter cord which plugs into the cigarette lighter and has a Centre Positive, 2.1mm Plug, like from Radio Shack®.
  2. The Silver Pulser can be powered by a suitable Solar Panel. Keep in mind that most solar panel generators are used to re-charge a battery which in turn operates the unit. Therefore we suggest you use a solar panel to re-charge a 12 Volt DC automobile battery (preferably a sealed Gel-Cel® type), then run the Silver Pulser directly from the battery. You will need to use a cord which has alligator clips on one end to attach to the battery terminals, and the appropriate Centre Positive, 2.1mm Plug on the other end to plug into the Silver Pulser. Be careful with polarity! Centre-Positive! This type of cord with alligator clips on one end is probably not readily available, therefore you will need to buy a cord and cut off the end that normally goes into the cigarette lighter, and solder your own set of alligator clips. Use a black and red alligator clips so you ensure polarity is correct each time you connect the circuit.
  3. If you wish to operate the Silver Pulser directly from a solar panel you will need to use a 12 Volt DC rated output panel that is capable of supplying at least 1 Amp of current. The Silver Pulser's initial starting demands may require a higher output solar panel. That is why it is preferable to use a charged 12 Volt DC battery instead.


What about a Warranty?

The Silver Pulser has a full 3 Year Parts and Labour Warranty on all internally mounted components. New Silver Wires, and/or Stimulator Probes can be ordered through us.

• The SOTA units are consumer products designed for relaxation, well-being and to complement a healthy lifestyle • The SOTA units are not medical devices nor are they intended to diagnose, treat or cure any medical or health condition • The use, safety or effectiveness of the SOTA units has not been approved by any government agency • Please consult a health practitioner for any medical or health condition • Results using the SOTA Products will vary for each person • Please note that all purchases of SOTA Products are deemed to be made in Penticton, BC, Canada •

Für weitere Informationen, besuchen Sie bitte die Homepage zu diesem Artikel.
Diesen Artikel haben wir am Saturday, 15. April 2006 in unseren Katalog aufgenommen.

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