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Zapper B - Hulda Clark Zapper
Zapper B - Hulda Clark Zapper

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Product No.: ZB
only 64.95 EUR
incl. 19 % tax excl. shipping charges

Shipping time: >1 Week
Zapper-B Accessories:

Stainl.Steel Electr.
ArtNr.: HES
  + 18.99 EUR
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Zapper B - Hulda Clark Zapper


Click here, to download the video in high quality!


This Zapper is the standard model.

It is designed, just as Ms. Dr. Hulda Clark recommends it to be.


An on and off switch, space for a 9V battery in the casing. Along with that we give you our well-proven copper handle electrodes.

Ever since 1st. December 2010 we have upgraded this awesome zapper. With Mrs. Hulda Clark continuously striving to make her zapper better, she implemented what is known as offset. Our Zapper now offers continuous offset. Also you can use the new Zapper model now to power a zappicator. A Zappicator is used to transmit frequencies onto groceries, makeup etc. This unit ships with the zapper unit only, a Zappicator is separately available.





Questions that have occurred to previous customers:





  • Why does your Zapper use a regular on/off switch instead of an electronic controlled Program?
  • Why does your Zapper only come with one frequency instead of a previously programmed spectrum?


These frequently asked questions can simply be answered as follows.


  1. Normally you would sit in a relaxed pose and start zapping. There are Zappers, which need a single push of a button to start the therapy program, recommended by Ms. Clark, which is 3 x 7 minutes plus a 20 minute break in between those. What if, during the therapy program, your telephone rings or someone is at the door or maybe you would like to get a glass of water? Not being able to pause the therapy program manually can cause problems. In addition, other devices don’t allow much alternative usage, due to inflexible programs. Ms. Clark recently talked about the “Continues Zapping”, zapper with standard programming won’t be able to let you do this. If you would like to try tough a Zapper with on/off switch might be an advantage.



  1. Zappers with so called routines or spectrums are more often found on the market. The more I find it fascinating, that in her first book, Ms. Clark tells us, every device under 100kHz is a Zapper. Weather you will use 32kHz or 30kHz won’t make a big difference. Furthermore it has to be considered, what disadvantages a broad Zapping brings. Why not kill off all Pathogenes, which pollute the body, but only certain ones? There are programs for every different kind of symptom, but what oneself is suffering of, no one with only superficial knowledge of the matter can tell. The only disadvantage of broad Zapping is, according to Ms. Clark, the possibility of reduced faeces, because E. coli bacteria, which are natural inhabitants of the bowel, are killed of as well.





This Zapper is powered by a 9V battery. A fully charged battery allows zapping for about 60 hours. The cable, which is connected to the handles, is approximately 1.9m long.

This Zapper is built exactly to the specifications made by Ms. Hulda Clark. It is equipped with an on/off switch and also with a LED light.


This Zapper was build under strict quality management regulations. We solely use the best components, german or renowned market leaders have to offer. Therefore we can provide you with

4 years of guarantee

after purchase date.

Our time-limited special offer of 64.95€ instead of 69.90€.

Notice our components parts for this product in the sidebar.

NEW! Due to high requests: We offer you this Zapper B with stainless steel handle electrodes instead of copper handle electrodes for only additional 17.99€ !

MediVerse customer survey

Processing 70%



Manageable 90%



Battery 90%



Frequency accuracy 70%



Price performance ratio 90%





You accept the following non-liability with your order:

This product is not designated to cure diseases, and thus is not subject to the laws of medical devices. We distance ourselves from all statements referring to the effect, mode of action, duration of use, indications, as well as diagnosis. In case you need medical advice or if you have questions referring to the non-liability, please turn to your doctor or healer. MediVerse assumes no liability for the absence of results of treatment or other health damages caused by the use of the product. The device and the treatment according to Dr. Clark and Dr. Beck cannot replace conventional medicine. In severe cases or cases that need supervision, it is necessary to consult a doctor. Especially the effects of this kind of treatment differ from person to person--therefore, every individual reacts differently to the device.Zapper or Zapping or Hulda Clark or Hulda Clark Zapper or Clark Zapper or Dr. Clark or Dr. Clark Zapper

For further information, please visit the homepage of this product.
This Product was added to our catalogue on Wednesday, 07. July 2004.

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