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Bio-Tuner BT9
Bio-Tuner BT9

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Product No.: BT8
only 260.00 EUR
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Bio-Tuner BT9


SOTA Instruments Inc. proudly introduces the Bio-Tuner Model BT9. This new unit replaces the former BT8 models as well as the original BT6 and BT5.

The Bio-Tuner is an electronic relaxation system based on the research that introduced the BT5 in 1983.

The BT9 Bio-Tuner outputs a modified rectilinear waveform with over 500 harmonic frequencies in each pulse. 6 different user-selectable Modes settings are available.


Unique Features:

The BT9 offers the following features and also enhancements compared to the previous models BT6, BT5pro and BT5:

  • Quartz crystal frequency control.
  • Advanced microcomputer operation. The proprietary software routine is written by SOTA to ensure consistent and reliable output.
  • Built-in 20 minute digital timer.
  • Very simple intuitive operation.
  • A push-button switch to easily change the output to each of the 6 different modes. (Mode 1 is the same as the BT5pro.)
  • Two of the modes contain the 7.83 Hz Schumann (Earth) frequency.
  • Light to indicate each of the different modes.
  • Light to indicate Headset is functioning correctly.
  • Low battery warning light.
  • The output wave forms of the BT7 are identical to the original BT6 settings.
  • Newly-designed Headset. (Can also be used with the BT6pro, BT6, BT5pro and BT5)
  • The new Headset has been carefully designed for high reliability, user comfort and ease of replacement.
  • Compact and lightweight size.
  • Warranty is 3 years.
  • Soft carrying case

Electrical Specifications:


  • Maximum <1.5mA Peak ~40 Volts Peak-Peak into typical 4k ohm load. Minimum <~10 microamperes, 10 Volt Peak-Peak at lowest setting. Output impedance ~20k ohm.
  • Modified rectilinear wave with rapid rise time (under 1uS). There are over 500 harmonic frequencies delivered in each pulse as observed on a frequency domain (not time domain) spectrum analyzer.
  • Base waveform (Mode 1) 1,000 Hz Square wave (+/- 1%) pulse-modulated by 111.11 Hz (+/- 1%) Square wave. Waveforms are Microchip Quartz Crystal-Controlled for precise frequency output. There are 6 user-selectable output Modes.
  • 9-Volt DC Alkaline Battery operation, useful to end voltage ~5.2 Volts. Battery drain: minimum ~9mA @ 9 Volts to maximum of 30mA with output fully loaded.
  • Auto-shutoff time of 20 minutes. Controlled digitally.
  • Pulses are Bi-Phasic (AC) with no DC or offset bias. Output is transformer coupled so that no direct current can appear at electrodes. The algebraic sum of positive and negative-going pulses is zero. This obviates any possibility of electrolysis, ion migration, or polarization. Click HERE for a photo of the actual output waveform as measured on a Tektronix TDS210 Digital Oscilloscope
    • Low battery indicator. Low battery circuitry illuminates Red LED light when battery voltage falls below 5.2 Volts.

The BT9 is manufactured to the highest standards for the utmost quality and reliable service.

Disclaimer: • The SOTA units are consumer products designed for relaxation, well-being and to complement a healthy lifestyle • The SOTA units are not medical devices nor are they intended to diagnose, treat or cure any medical or health condition • The use, safety or effectiveness of the SOTA units has not been approved by any government agency • Please consult a health practitioner for any medical or health condition • Results using the SOTA Products will vary for each person • Please note that all purchases of SOTA Products are deemed to be made in Penticton, BC, Canada •

Here are the different available Mode functions for the BT9:

MODE 1-3 (550uS pulse width)
Mode 1
1,000 Hz modulated by 111.11 Hz, 550uS Pulse Width
Output = Continuous
Mode 2
1,000 Hz modulated by 111.11 Hz, 550uS Pulse Width, and then further modulated by 0.5Hz
Output = 1 Second ON, 1 Second OFF
Mode 3
1,000 Hz modulated by 111.11 Hz, 550uS Pulse Width
Output = Amplitude Modulated by 7.83 Hz Schumann (Earth) Sine Wave
MODE 4-6 (220uS pulse width)
Mode 4
1,000 Hz modulated by 111.11 Hz, 220uS Pulse Width
Output = Continuous
Mode 5
1,000 Hz modulated by 111.11 Hz, 220uS Pulse Width
, and then further modulated by 0.5Hz
Output = 1 Second ON, 1 Second OFF
Mode 6
1,000 Hz modulated by 111.11 Hz, 220uS Pulse Width
Output = Amplitude Modulated by 7.83 Hz Schumann (Earth) Sine Wave
Other Functions
20 Minute Timer Elapsed: After 20 minutes have elapsed, the output is disabled, and the unit goes into standby mode.
LOW Battery Warning: Red Light will come ON to indicate battery will soon need replacing.
Headset and Output Signal Electrical Circuit Verification Indicator: Yellow Light will only come ON when the electrical path through the Headset is complete and functioning correctly.

For further information, please visit the homepage of this product.
This Product was added to our catalogue on Wednesday, 26. October 2005.

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